Charlie Saikley 6-Man Beach Volleyball Tournament

On August 5 & 6, 2022, the beloved Volleyball Tournament is back. 

Named after Charlie Saikley, who passed 17 years ago, aka the “Godfather of Beach Volleyball,” Saikley brought the 6-man to Manhattan Beach over 43 years ago.

To learn more about Charlie Saikley and the 6-man tournament, visit

LA Concerts Summer 2022

Looking to go to your favorite Artist's concert this summer and want to visit them in LA? Enjoy the beach and sunshine while you're here at the Sea View Inn. Here is a list of a few concerts happening this year in Los Angeles CA.

June 2022

June 16 - Andrea Bocelli

June 21 - Halsey

June 25 - Jesse McCartney

July 2022

July 9 - Halsey

July 23 - Kenny Chesney

July 2 - Justin Bieber

August 2022

Aug 2 - Josh Groban

Aug 11 - Daddy Yankee

Aug 19 - OneRepublic